thrilling! Shantou tank cans fire on the bridge for 20 minutes to extinguish the fire

The other water gun cools the entire tank
Nanfang Daily (Reporter Yu Dan) October 18 evening 20:42, Shantou Bay Bridge on a tanker spontaneous combustion, resulting in the direction of Shenzhen to Shantou side of the traffic congestion is serious. After the incident, Shantou public security, fire and other departments immediately to the scene fighting, 20 minutes after the extinguishment of fire, the rapid restoration of bridge traffic. Site smoke billowing, tanker is burning, the scene has been closed bridge treatment. Squadron commander decisive order, out of a trunk 2 water guns for fire fighting, one of the water gun is responsible for the fire of the tires off the first fire off the fire, the other water gun to cool the entire tank. After 20 minutes of fighting, the fire was completely extinguished. Since then, the squadron to continue to cool the tank and the body, once again to ensure that no resurgence possible, the squadrons finished equipment back to the scene, the scene by the traffic police disposal. At present, the cause of fire and property damage are being investigated.

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